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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When Continental says that they understand technology in addition to fabrication, what do they really mean?

A: There are two parts to this answer. First, people on staff at Continental are engineers that know about the chemistry in process in the system as well as design, fabrication and operation. Second, the company is affiliated with Eltron Research & Development. Eltron has scientists and engineers available to consult on the process and the technology itself, and has been researching these kinds of technologies for two decades.

Q: Can they build from our designs?

A: Yes. Plus, we can take a look at your design and maybe find ways to improve it.

Q. They’re a Ponca-based company, but I see their address is also listed in Boulder, CO. Why?

A: The fabrication shop is in Ponca. The business development and marketing teams are in Colorado. That’s also where Eltron R&D is located.

Q: I didn’t hear the specific type of industry mentioned that we work with; can they do equipment for XYZ?

A: Because Continental is capable of custom fabrication, the range of equipment that they can build is wide, covering simple systems to complex, multi-skid units for cutting-edge technology.

Q: How big are the systems that can built?

A: Everything from bench-scale to pilot-plant and larger. We take a modular approach to fabrication, so essentially you could just keep putting skids together until you reach the capacity you need.

Q: Are they ASME certified?

A: Yes, and there are two parts to this answer. We will build using ASME-certified components. And, if a project calls for ASME-certified welders, we will hire them to do the job.

Q: I'm a contractor to the U.S. government. Is Continental Technologies listed in the Central Contractor Registration, CCR, database?

A: Yes. Both Continental Technologies and our affiliate, Eltron Reserch & Development, are registered, which streamlines the process of providing equipment to the military and other government organizations. You can also find a link to their site on the Resources page of this site.

Q: We need components that aren’t available off the shelf. Can they help with that?

A: Yes. The team at Continental and Eltron R&D can design and build custom, very specialized components in their shop. We’d want to discuss exactly what needs to be done, but odds are good that it can happen.

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